Fruit pompoms.jpg


July 29, 2018 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Pompoms, they’re all the rage this season! When you think pom pom, you probably imagine a fluffy ball topping a knit hat, but classic round pompoms are just the beginning. With some careful wrapping and some artful trimming, you can turn grandma’s pompom into a work of art. In this class, you’ll learn the magic of advanced pompom-ing, and create an adorable fluffy fruit pompom. Once you get the basics, you’ll be able to create any number of fruits and even design your own custom decorative pompoms. For this class, you’ll need a small pair of sharp scissors and a pompom maker. The class includes the materials to create a watermelon and or strawberry, and Gauge has stocked up on fabulous modern pompom makers that you can purchase, or you can bring your own. Be forewarned, advanced pompom-ing is incredibly addictive!

Materials: pompom maker, scissors

Fee: $55