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October 1, 2017 2pm - 5pm

Needle felting is basically poking a pile of wool with a needle until the fibers get tangled together. The more poking, the tighter the tangle, until you’ve created a solid object. In this class, we’ll start small and create mini-sculptures with just a handful of special needles and some loose roving wool. What better subjects to model than our beloved pets, so bring photos of your furry friend from lots of different angles. If you’ve got any small bits of wool in your stash, bring them too, and we’ll card it into roving to add extra pops of color. Together we’ll poke our way to perfection, we’ll stab our way to stupendousness, we’ll do some jaunty jabbing and, well, you get the idea!

Requirements: some previous experience with needle felting (if you took our tiny succulents class you are ready for this one!).

Materials: roving included in price of class, please bring lot of pictures of your pet, an assortment of felting needles available for purchase at Gauge.

Fee: $55

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pet portrait all sides.jpg